Dry Winter Skin??  Here is the Answer!

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Dry Winter Skin?? Here is the Answer!

Dry Winter Skin!  Here is the Answer!

Try one or all of these fabulous Shea Splendor Body Butters!  New to our line - super moisturizing, thick, creamy and never greasy!  Five delicious fragrance selections:

  1. Honeysuckle Gardenia  - Same fragrance as  Shimmering Bath Salts and Honeysuckle Love Artisan Soap
  2. Lavender - Same fragrance as Vintage Lavender & Purple Rain Artisan Soap and Lavender Whipped Soap
  3. Relaxing - An Oldie but a Goodie! We are bringing it back!
  4. You Put a Spell on Me - A glorious Love Spell fragrance!
  5. Fragrance Free - It won't fight with your perfume or your sensitive skin! 


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